(._. ) I am a baker and never, ever have understood the gold in food, it don´t have a flavor! golden dust can make things look pretty and is not expensive... but damn people love shiny "real" stuff and then they are dissapointed because "it does not have any special flavor" » 8/19/14 5:09pm Yesterday 5:09pm

My cat does not want to eat and this is making him very sick, he has been on the vet for 5 days with serum and liquid food via serum (sorry! I just realized I don´t know how to say technical medical stuff in english), he was treated firts with antibiotics for a liver infection, now is only with the serum. » 8/15/14 5:55pm Friday 5:55pm

I lived something similar 3 years ago the man tried to rob me, thankfully I was saved by 3 guy that were near but, just reading your story , I really want to hug you and tell you everything will be alright and give you tea and cookies :( no one should live moments of terror and fear like those, no one. » 8/15/14 2:14pm Friday 2:14pm

*cries of happiness* I worked 5 year in Starbucks, in Mexico and I really hope this applies here too.!!!! Aside of that was an awesome employer here.
Even I have 3 years outside, I will be always proud to have been a partner :) and this things really make me happy. » 8/15/14 12:10pm Friday 12:10pm